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Deloitte and the Bechdel Test: Shifting Gender Sands

It’s 2017, a decade past the Great Recession, and our workplace discussions are dominated by generational concerns, change management, and profitability. Leadership has become a measured part of profitability, at least in some industries, and corporate America is being challenged to equalize the opportunities and compensation among all people – inclusion has replaced diversity. Deloitte [...]

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I’ve found myself in conversations recently where the dominant word is CHARACTER. In particular, measuring the character of one particular leader or another. Many organizations are struggling with their leaders, which is no surprise as our workplaces are transforming through technology and generations. Character is defined as the moral and mental qualities distinctive to an [...]

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Leaders’ Lab

There are so many newsletters to read, experts to listen to, and information to be had in the legal industry. Absorbing all the content is one thing, finding a place to pause for conversation and integration is the next level. Welcome to Leaders’ Lab. The concept is simple: I’ll provide the video platform (all you [...]

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What’s That Label You’re Wearing? Millennials, Our Next Generation Leaders

It seems we find ourselves in a period of time when intergenerational tension is at its height, and Millennials are to blame for just about everything that’s wrong in the workplace, at least if you ask Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. I rarely go a day without hearing the “well, they are a Millennial” label [...]

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Rubber Meet Road. Road Meet Rubber.

It’s happening. All the predictors, all the suggestions, and still here we are. Law firms are seeing the returns of their investment in culture, and it’s not completely pretty. In the past few weeks I have had more conversations about firms losing top talent, and top rainmakers, than in the past few years. What’s going [...]

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On Dasher…

And then this happened... Flight delay from departure city leads to 15 minutes from deplaning to departure of next flight. Pulse is thumping, backpack is loaded, sneakers are ready to go. Thoughts in my head include "move, people move" and "c'mon you can do this", along with the usual doubt of making it. The deplaning [...]

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Here we go ..... into the month of December, typically filled with holiday cheer - - along with performance evaluations, compensation decisions, budgets, and an assortment of other pressure-filled projects and assignments that happen only once a year. Do you hear what I hear is on the radio, and I'm thinking about what I hear [...]

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