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Rubber Meet Road. Road Meet Rubber.

It’s happening. All the predictors, all the suggestions, and still here we are. Law firms are seeing the returns of their investment in culture, and it’s not completely pretty. In the past few weeks I have had more conversations about firms losing top talent, and top rainmakers, than in the past few years. What’s going [...]

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On Dasher…

And then this happened... Flight delay from departure city leads to 15 minutes from deplaning to departure of next flight. Pulse is thumping, backpack is loaded, sneakers are ready to go. Thoughts in my head include "move, people move" and "c'mon you can do this", along with the usual doubt of making it. The deplaning [...]

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Here we go ..... into the month of December, typically filled with holiday cheer - - along with performance evaluations, compensation decisions, budgets, and an assortment of other pressure-filled projects and assignments that happen only once a year. Do you hear what I hear is on the radio, and I'm thinking about what I hear [...]

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It’s fall.  Time for soups, and stews, cardigans and boots, scarves and coats. It’s the fabulous colors of change in the trees and chill in the air. Flavors showing up in how we build the stock, both in our soups and in our lives. Fall also marks the transition to holidays and the opportunity to [...]

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Shelf Life

I am a big consumer of fresh vegetables and fruits. I know they must be consumed much quicker than my canned goods, or my other shelf-stable items. They don’t come with a stamp telling me the ‘use by’ date, it’s something I determine by their look and feel, texture and odor. Perhaps you do the [...]

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