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Judy understands teams. And she knows how to help you maximize the potential of yours. For over two decades, Judy has applied her vast knowledge of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, leadership, finance, and legal management to help law firms improve their people, process, performance and, ultimately, profits. Learn more at www.nessostrategies.com.
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Don’t Just Talk, Be Heard | David Levin

David Levin is filling the gap between perception and intention as he asks you to communicate more consciously. The outcome is to be heard, and to be better leaders in the room, no matter where the room is. Good feedback is essential to growing your communication skills. Remember to ask, and open yourself to receive. [...]

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Monnet & Cashola: Where’s the Beef?

SYNOPSIS THE CLIENT 10 attorney law firm. All partners are 50+ years of age with no successors. CHALLENGE Established firm without structure, policy, or procedure for compensation, billing or growth of the firm. SOLUTION Built billing and collection procedures, alongside new software, that elevated the firm’s realization rates. Created processes for compensation that ran parallel [...]

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QBQ! The Question Behind the Question | John G. Miller

John Miller’s book is short and sweet and focuses on the components of questions to build accountability. The ease of the elements are driven toward a relationship-based community – both inside your organization and with your clients. Two powerful takeaways: Great questions contain “I”, begin with “What” or “How”, and are focused on action. Leaders [...]

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Success in Succession

It is unprecedented. The opportunity to advance your firm has never been greater. I was facilitating a partner retreat last week where the conversation was focused on legacy, and the future of the firm. How do we attract, develop, and retain high level talent who will be willing to own this firm in the future? [...]

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Problems and Pleasures: Part II

You may recall I wrote an blog on the impact of “no problem” versus “my pleasure”. In response to my request for responses, I heard back from one reader with a specific request:       I have an employee that often says “no problem” when I ask if she can handle a project or if she [...]

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Meetings Matter | Paul Axtell

Paul Axtell’s book is worth having on your shelf as a reference and learning guide to improving your meetings – whether you are in charge of them or not. Consider the total investment of the attendees by their hourly rate, and you have some idea of the benefits of this book. Three ideas to play [...]

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Rubber Meet Road. Road Meet Rubber.

It’s happening. All the predictors, all the suggestions, and still here we are. Law firms are seeing the returns of their investment in culture, and it’s not completely pretty. In the past few weeks I have had more conversations about firms losing top talent, and top rainmakers, than in the past few years. What’s going [...]

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Chess and Checkers: Playing Culture Games

Bobby Fisher, the great chess champion, once said, “Winning in this game is all a matter of understanding how to capitalize on the strengths of each piece and timing their moves just right.” A 2015 Gallup survey reported that 50% of the time an employee quits it's the boss not the organization. I'm guessing in [...]

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Record-Setting Performance

You may have missed it - over the weekend a 5' 8" guard set the NCAA Division I scoring record for women's basketball. Kelsey Plum broke a 15 year record, setting a new standard (albeit temporary as the season isn't over) of 3,397 points in a season. That breaks down to a 31.6 points per [...]

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