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Judy understands teams. And she knows how to help you maximize the potential of yours. For over two decades, Judy has applied her vast knowledge of team dynamics, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, leadership, finance, and legal management to help law firms improve their people, process, performance and, ultimately, profits. Learn more at www.nessostrategies.com.
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The Big Leap | Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks writes about “Upper Limit Problems.” He offers a look at our happiness and limitations – both self-imposed. I really appreciated the open ended questions that led to good conversations with others reading the book (book club, anyone?) and space for me to think and journal. My three key takeaways: Invite someone into your [...]

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Deloitte and the Bechdel Test: Shifting Gender Sands

It’s 2017, a decade past the Great Recession, and our workplace discussions are dominated by generational concerns, change management, and profitability. Leadership has become a measured part of profitability, at least in some industries, and corporate America is being challenged to equalize the opportunities and compensation among all people – inclusion has replaced diversity. Deloitte [...]

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I’ve found myself in conversations recently where the dominant word is CHARACTER. In particular, measuring the character of one particular leader or another. Many organizations are struggling with their leaders, which is no surprise as our workplaces are transforming through technology and generations. Character is defined as the moral and mental qualities distinctive to an [...]

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Start with Why | Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is famous for his TED talk on this subject, so if you aren’t going to read this book, check it out here. This book expands on the TED talk to really explore WHY you do what you do. It’s a nice opportunity to consider who you inspire and how you inspire them. Two [...]

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Leaders’ Lab

There are so many newsletters to read, experts to listen to, and information to be had in the legal industry. Absorbing all the content is one thing, finding a place to pause for conversation and integration is the next level. Welcome to Leaders’ Lab. The concept is simple: I’ll provide the video platform (all you [...]

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Life’s Golden Ticket | Brendon Burchard

Brendon Buchard wrote The Motivation Manifesto, which I had a hard time with. So, if you know him from that, think of this as a better path to self-exploration through a body of fiction that reads fast while stirring questions about your fears, your opportunities and your life. Going to the beach this summer? Take [...]

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Professional Presence 2

Professional Presence is an amalgamation of any number of leadership skills that are personal, and very vulnerable in both exposure and growth and are also public in developing relationships at a variety of levels in the workplace. Let’s break this down, what is the square root of Professional Presence? PART ONE: PROFESSIONAL More than a [...]

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Leadership Development Programs: Where Do I Start?

Think about the company you most admire, then consider what their leadership does, says, and creates. Maybe Zappos is your go-to company, or Apple. Both have innovation strongholds, and reputations for leading in the marketplace. That’s one form of leadership. Maybe Disney popped in your mind, as they are famous for their service levels, for [...]

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CPA Excellence | David Griffiths

David Griffiths was commissioned by the Indiana CPA Society to explore the core competencies of being an excellent CPA and then create a resource to advance agility and adaptability in the profession. I find it to be a terrific resource for overall development of leadership skills. Replace “CPA” with lawyer and the majority of this [...]

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Don’t Just Talk, Be Heard | David Levin

David Levin is filling the gap between perception and intention as he asks you to communicate more consciously. The outcome is to be heard, and to be better leaders in the room, no matter where the room is. Good feedback is essential to growing your communication skills. Remember to ask, and open yourself to receive. [...]

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